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Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture? Rihanna Edition

So we all know that Oprah has been in Barbados interviewing Rihanna for her Next Chapter show on OWN.  Meh. Whatever. If you watch Oprah's show on OWN then you know that Oprah has stopped trying to be Barbara Walters and has decided to be an entertainment report instead. She brings in someone like 50 cent and has some transformative interview where just falls in love with the person she is interviewing. You can expect the Rihanna interview to go something like this:

Oprah: Gee I thought Rihanna was some out of control musician who likes tweeting nekkid pictures of herself and dating guys that beat her up, but no! She's a lovely church girl whose grandmother died recently and through this experience she has grown as a person and she is totally responsible and spends her spare time feeding the homeless adopting orphans.

But Anyway, that's not the point. I am going to need y'all to help me to understand what is going on with Rihanna's forehead in this picture. I seriously do not get it. Is there something on her forehead or is that really her forehead???

We're on Biermann Baby Watch, Y'all

Guess who is about ready to pop? If Kim wasn't already living in tight quarters after being evicted from her dream house and returning to the condo Big Pappa (and stripping) bought her, things are about to get even more crowded. Sweetie is moving in for the next week or so in order to be around when KJ's baby brother is born. Sweetie tweeted this morning that the big moment is coming soon! It's supposed to be hot all week with afternoon showers here in the ATL. I imagine Kimberlee is dying to get the show on the road. I think this is the last baby Kim is planning to have so we can expect some cosmetic weight loss surgery to happen right after the delivery. You can expect her to look like Beyonce days after the baby arrives. This will likely make it hard for her to lift the baby much, but beauty is painful, y'all.

I don't think she has to worry too much about moving into the Mysterious Dream House II anytime soon. It seems to take the RHOA a lot longer than us mere mortals to build a home. Which I find odd since new home builders are sitting around hoping for work since the market here is flooded with great deals on foreclosures.

What will she name the new baby boy? Kyle? Kritter? Kaleb? Kanye? What's your guess? Whatever she names him, the RHOA film crew will be right there to capture every cuss word uttered during delivery. I can hardly wait.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catching Up on Jackson Family Drama

While I've been trying to ignore the Internet to avoid being spoiled on Olympic gymnastics, apparently the Jackson family drama has rolled on without me. Katherine, Janet and Jermaine have made some public statements while I've been watching Law and Order marathons and trying to shake this summer cold or whatever it is ailing me. So here is what you might have missed.

Katherine went back to court to have guardianship of the kids reinstated. She is now co-guardian with TJ. They have another court appearance on August 22 regarding keeping TJ on as a permanent guardian. It seems everyone is fine with that.  In order to get guardianship back, Katherine had to make a statement to the court regarding her disappearance. In a 180 degree turn from what I call "the hostage video" she made surrounded by her kidnappers for ABC, Katherine now admits she was tricked into going to Tuscon, that she thought she was going to New Mexico to see her sons in concert, and that her phone and iPad were taken from her. She also stated for the court record that her phone in her room would not dial out and that despite repeated requests to have the TV fixed, she had no picture for her entire stay. Apparently she did have sound at some point and heard a news report that she was missing which is what prompted her to insist on calling home.  In other words, everything I've been saying here has now been corroborated by KJ herself.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

She By Sheree is Back. Sort of.

So I got this press release in my email box today. I'm just gonna post it here and see what y'all have to say. I do like the last paragraph.  I wonder how exercise, charity events and parties pay the bills.

Atlanta, GA (August 2, 2012) Prominent Atlanta socialite and entrepreneur, Shereé Whitfield, known best for her role on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" announced the launch of her new boutique, shebysheree.kitsylane.com via Twitter on Thursday July 26. While starring on the show, millions of viewers watched Shereé build a name for herself as a fashion designer. Having once owned an upscale boutique in Atlanta called Bella Azul, her new ecommerce boutique, She by Shereé is renewing her passion for style & retail. 

She by Shereé provides a perfect vehicle for Shereé to share her favorite pieces of fashion jewelry from Kitsy Lane as well as help emerging designers grow their businesses. Shereé joins an online community of over 2,000 female entrepreneurs within the Kitsy Lane network. Through her boutique, Shereé gives style advice, engages her audience and encourages them to create their own boutiques on Kitsy Lane. Shoppers will find big, bold statement jewelry, dramatic duster style earrings and great color pieces.

Her goals include continuing to grow her community and offer busy women easy style options in accessories. Kitsy Lane is the first of its kind social commerce platform, providing a tremendous offer for women to become their own entrepreneurs and run their own businesses, all online, for free.  Shereé hopes to share her success with her customers, inspiring them to become social entrepreneurs and open their own ecommerce boutiques with Kitsy Lane.

"I'm so excited to be partnering with Kitsy Lane and supporting a community of women and their entrepreneurial efforts," shares Shereé Whitfield.

In addition to her new venture with Kitsy Lane, Shereé continues to keep a full calendar including
a rigorous daily fitness regimen to stay healthy, charity work, and maintaining her status as a sophisticated woman on the Atlanta social scene.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Jackson Family Twitter Tree, An Exercise in Boredom

So I was looking at Randy Jackson's twitter this morning and realized he was suddenly only following one person, guess who? Janet. Since Tito jumped ship from the kidnapping team, Tito is the only member of Team Greed who is following any non-kidnapper siblings. Randy and Janet only follow each other. Tito and Jackie follow all the siblings with an active twitter.  Marlon does not follow Jermaine. La Toya doesn't follow Janet, Randy, or Tito.  Paris doesn't follow, Randy, Jermaine, Janet, or Jackie. Prince doesn't follow Marlon, which may just be an oversight, trust me it's hard to keep them all straight and see who is missing from whose follow page.

Anyway, I was in need of a mind distracting puzzle and this is what I chose. Looks like Randy and Janet are likely the final two members of the rebel militia. Click through to see who follows and doesn't follow who on twitter. Note: The Jacksons followed by each person are listed in order of most recently added to the first one added.

Jackson Family Drama: Randy is Tweeting, and Janet's Motivations are Revealed

Randy Jackson is back on twitter linking to this blog saying this is why he is worried about his mother. Howard Weitzman, on the the attorneys for the state has sent the following statement to TJ Jackson as co-guardian of the kids regarding the whackadoodle faction of the Jackson family.  

“Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children, Janice Smith, or anyone else who was involved in the recent events that led to Mrs. Jackson’s separation from and inability to communicate with Michael’s children, or any agents or representatives of any of these individuals,” There will be no other security or drivers allowed on the property except those employed by the Estate of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is precluded from entering the property. Howard Mann who is in litigation against the Estate and is working with the Jackson siblings that wrote the “letter” should also not be allowed on the premises.”

Randy considers this a nefarious plot by the estate to endanger Katherine. Dude, the people listed as being unwelcome on the property are the people that kidnapped her last week. How is this unreasonable?  Janet needs to come take your iphone.

Today the New York Post has a lengthy article written by Stacey Brown, a longtime friend of the Jackson family, that claims a Jackson sibling as a source. That sibling attempts to explain why Janet is on the wrong end of this mess. Again, it's a money issue.  Apparently, just like Michael, Janet doesn't want to have to support the other family members either.  See the very interesting excerpts below.

Adrienne Maloof's Husband Paul Files for Legal Separation

Is this even really news?  Didn't Brandi make some comment at the reunion about Adrienne's marriage being...I forget how she put it but she made a comment that implied that Adrienne's marriage was ...less than ideal. Just from watching the show, you never see Adrienne being affectionate toward Paul. She seemed to have at best a cold indifference to him. Rumors are all over the Internet that Paul and Adrienne have an open marriage.  There are all sorts of marriages in this day and age. Particularly in marriages that have financial entanglements that are difficult to tease apart.  With Paul filing, it says to me that perhaps one of his other relationships has become emotionally committed and he wants a more traditional sort of marriage with a deeper emotional component.

Adrienne recently went all Taylor Armstrong on Brandi for bad mouthing her on twitter by getting her lawyer to send a cease and desist letter to Brandi.  For the most part Brandi is just repeating the rumors circulating that Adrienne and Paul's marriage was not a traditional marriage. A few months ago Brandi accused Adrienne of planting false stories about her.  Adrienne apparently made Brandi the target for all the conversations going on in their hood. Everyone is entitled to have whatever mutually agreed upon situation they'd like with their spouse. But people will find out eventually, and you can't control what others say about your arrangement with lawyers and intimidation. Refusing to travel or film with your cast is not a good look either. Especially, when the other person who followed that path this season was Taylor Armstrong.